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At Urban Water Chillers, we are proud to offer our customers leading filtered water coolers and water chiller systems available in South East Queensland.

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At Urban Water Chillers, we are proud to offer our customers one of the leading water chiller and water filtration systems available in Australia. We are an innovative and entirely Australian owned and operated business.


Since its inception over 15 years ago, we have been the bench-marks in quality customer service, health & safety compliance -and more importantly, enabling our customers to be healthy while enjoying top quality purified filtered water.

Our Strategy


Unlike traditional spring water coolers that require new bottles of clean water on a regular basis, the Urban Water Chillers system has an inbuilt sophisticated five stage water filtration system that filters and purifies tap water, turning it into premium quality, purified ice cold, drinking water. On top of that, our systems ensures that we are environmentally responsible and we seek to minimise our carbon foot print as much as possible. We value environmental sustainability especially since we deal in water, Urban Water Chillers works towards a more sustainable Earth.


Businesses and organisations of all types and sizes and homes use our products daily. We market a range of water purification & cooler systems that are a serious alternative to expensive, cumbersome bottled water delivery systems, saving customers up to 70% on water delivery costs.

Empowering You


Water is an integral part of our lives and is essential to our body. To allow ourselves to be performing at its optimum peak consistently we need to be hydrating ourselves regularly. URBAN WATER CHILLERS is committed to be your partner to empower you to be your best!


Our unique systems present an endless supply of purified water equal to the highest standard in the market today. Over 20,000 systems are currently in operation.

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